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Shokushu High School is an adult site dedicated to the works of Niceman and Stormbringer. It features art and stories intended for a mature audience on a theme of alien monsters ravaging pretty school students in a hentai style.

Because of this, the contents of this web site are only suitable for viewing by people over the age of 18 (21 in some areas) for whom it is legal to be exposed to explicit scenes of nudity and sexual activities under the laws of their community.

By pressing 'enter' you affirm that you are legally entitled to view such items and that you are entering the site of your own free will, for no other purpose than your personal entertainment. If you do not agree to this, or you are offended by graphic nudity and sex, or you believe such exposure may lead to debilitating illness, loss of moral fibre and/or blindness, you are advised to go elsewhere.

NOTE: Everyone depicted in this site is aged 18 or over. There are no real scenes of forced sex; this is all fantasy artwork. The site owners do not practice or condone the abuse of any other person but they do believe in the freedom of individuals to explore darker subjects through the safe medium of fantasy. If you feel any urge to transfer those fantasies into real actions you should seek urgent medical advice.

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