Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body

Behind The Scenes

Despite the apparent lack of interest these places may have at first glance, especially when compared to those locations where students abound, there are still surprises in store. Naturally some areas do consider the mundane, such as who collated this guide, what events may be happening and other such routine matters. But there are other members of staff than just the Headmasters and some of those are both female and attractive. Would it then surprise you to find them exempt from the interests of our guests? I thought not! And I doubt you will be disappointed if you should take a few moments to wander around those areas which our girls tend not to see very often. Though, having said that, a visit to the Headmaster, or even the need to visit our school nurse, can be quite an exciting experience for a young girl who doesn't know quite what to expect!

Perhaps here too, you will find a little more than you expected from the austere names on the office doors. But do tread carefully. Our staff are always kept busy and the Headmasters never take kindly to being interrupted when mentoring a student in some intensive one-on-one situation. Students being crammed for exams often need a lot of personal attention and both Heads take their work very seriously.