Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body

Learning Can Be Fun!

As you wander around Shokushu you find yourself wondering if everyone has a good time, even when they are taking part in lessons that tend to be considered boring. The monsters you see certainly seem to be having fun, stripping the coverings from taut, nubile young bodies to reveal the charms of naked breasts and bottoms before carrying things to their logical conclusion. In fact, if they were interested in stopping to talk to you, they would often tell you that this is almost half the fun for them; never knowing until they unwrap their toy just how lewdly full and surprisingly heavy those tits may be; just how sensitive the nipples, or just how amenable the girl becomes to having a tentacle stretch her tightly inexperienced cunt to take it's thick length deep inside herself.

Naturally the girls seem to not have quite so much fun in the early stages. Many of them appear rather surprised and even afraid when some hideous alien monster grabs hold of them and begins to rip off their clothes. This may be understandable in that they worry about the prospect of being eaten by a guest but the school does have strict rules about that, as you read in the guidebook. And once they have had their breasts teased by a delicate sucker or two... or three, or more; and once they have experienced the sheer volume and versatility of several tentacles exploring their ass and pussy, each one slithering about against sensitive inner surfaces, even the most reluctant students do seem to find the experience more pleasant. At least, one would judge so, based on the noises they make when a monster is not inserting any spare appendages into their mouths!