Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body

Students Playtime

The Campus is where you are likely to find students hanging out after lessons finish. So of course, it's a good place for you to hang out too! Apart from the dorms where they have their own rooms, students have a number of other facilities to keep them happy. Keeping them occupied is, of course, much less of a problem. Between dorm parties, chats in the common room, visits to the showers, wandering around the grounds, visiting the beach and being ravaged by monsters, a student barely has time to think. Which is probably just as well!

Of course it's not all fun and games. Learning can be a serious business too. The Headmasters certainly take it seriously enough when they summon a student to their office for having broken one of the rules. Or just because they might be thinking about breaking one of the rules. Then there's homework, running from monsters, and of course the never ending need to repair uniforms or replace missing undergarments, to say nothing of all those visits to the nurse to repair more intimate parts of their bodies. If an active girl is a happy girl, then these students should be very happy indeed!

Note: The Campus is the center for roleplaying activities at Shokushu High School, whether on IRC or on the Message Board. Feel free to drop in and play as student, monster or ADD agent, but do follow our basic rules please.