Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body

A Healthy Body and An Active Mind

Here at Shokushu we are firm believers in keeping the students active, both physically and mentally. After all, none of our guests wants to be chasing after slow, unfit girls. That would quite spoil the fun of the hunt, now wouldn't it? And when they are caught, as of course they always are, an imagination which has been stimulated by the types of 'fiction' to be found in our extensive library does rather a lot to forewarn a student what is to follow. Naturally this may either excite her in advance, or it may cause some distress. But in either event, there is no doubt our guests appreciate the extra wriggling, along with vocal accompaniment!

So feel free to peek in to the Locker Room where there is often a few students to be found in some state of undress. Or take a tour of the Gymnasium where girls are regularly exercised on a wide array of modern equipment. The library is, of course, one of the highlights of any tour. Both Headmasters Niceman and Stormbringer have donated works that can be found there. Naturally their strange tales of other-worldly encounters are no more than idle ramblings from their fevered imaginations, and yet they do have a strangely compelling quality when placed against the backdrop of events you may witness around the Island.

Not many venture into the basement however. We have no guarantee that a visitor who takes that path will ever return, and of those who do, few regain the surface unchanged by what they witness there. Enter at your own risk!