Shokushu High School

Where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body

Shokushu Mall

Located in the mezzanine area of the student tower's foyer, a few discreet shops can be found tucked away. Insulated so as not to disturb patrons with the occasional screams of ecstatic girls in upper floor dorms being ravaged beyond their wildest imaginations, these shops offer fans of the Japanese anime/hentai culture some interesting diversions for the furtherance of their pursuits.

Whatever you are looking for, you are likely to find here. Those seeking access to a massive collection of downloadable hentai and asian movies, images, games and more could browse the offerings at Shokushu Prime. While if your interests run to lifelike models of anime girls, HobbyFan has the biggest selection imaginable. The latest DVD's and movies are well represented in the DVD Store. And for the widest range of products likely to appeal to anyone with an interest in all things Japanese, J-List is the undoubted market leader with an incredible range of items.

Remember that with some of the locations listed here, Shokushu receives a commission on sales. So if you are planning to buy anyway, following one of our links won't cost you any more but it will help support this free site that you enjoy visiting.